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Individuals interested in the work of George I. Gurdjieff are invited to explore the practical side of Mr. Gurdjieff's teaching at our weekly group meetings in Portland, Oregon.

This group was founded by two long-time students of Mrs. A. L. Staveley, a direct student of Mr. Gurdjieff since the liberation of Paris in 1945 to Gurdjieff's death in 1949. Mrs. Staveley was also a member of the group run by Jane Heap -- one of Gurdjieff's most trusted students -- in London, England, during World War II, while Gurdjieff was cut off from the rest of the world in Nazi-occupied France.

Jerry Cunningham and Russell Glenn worked closely with Mrs. Staveley at Two Rivers Farm for over 20 years. There they have had the opportunity to learn from many other experienced members of the Gurdjieff Work who have worked with Gurdjieff himself or his most senior students. They are most happy to share their experience and the insights, which this intensive work has afforded them. They started the group in April 2001 as a way for students new to the practical side of Gurdjieff's teaching to get a taste for the Work through self observation and self study.

While we use various "Fourth Way" reading materials and while our work is guided by Fourth-Way principles brought to light by Gurdjieff, this introductory group is focused on our personal experiences, not on book study or theoretical discussion.

Jerry and Russell welcome anyone interested in this aspect of the Gurdjieff teaching to join us and to bring any questions they might have. Participation in this group may lead to other opportunities in the Portland area to pursue the Gurdjieff Work, such as the Gurdjieff movements and other "practical work" in a community setting.

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